Alessandro Casola

Alessandro Casola was born in the Province of Caserta 34 years ago. At a young age, he evinced his talent as a playwright inspired by the important school of thought of Eduardo De Filippo, of whom he is a keen expert. Some of his plays, 'A Munnezza' (Waste), and 'Tra di Noi (Between us)', have already been internationally performed in important universities in the United States (Jacksonville and The City College of New York) and in Europe.

The first play has had significant recognition from the President of the Italian Republic and it has received the Troisi Award; also, it has already been translated in English, French, German, and Polish. Thanks to its social, environmental, and human values, this play will find plenty of space in different stages.

His last play, Il Plagio (Plagiarism,) is a brilliant comedy that hits where it hurts about the inspirations-plagiarisms the great playwrights in the world history have used for plays that became profitable masterpieces.