Vittorio Capotorto with Eli Wallach 2007



Orlando Award to President Maria Rosaria De Lume', ICM Lecce Province 2009


Orlando Award


Orlando Award to Joel Thibault (Best Actor 2009) and Kassia Galick (Best Actress 2009)


Orlando Award to Commissioner Massimo Lecci, Ugento (LE) 2009


2007 - BIG NIGHT Gala

Theater: Order and Marriage by Aldo Nicolaj
Opera: Si’, mi chiamano Mimi from La Boheme
Cinema: Jefferson and Mazzei
Dance: Soul Devine by Ennio Morricone
Music: Between the Music and the Mind, The Smooth Groove Band
TEATROMANIA AWARD to one of America’s great actors, ELI WALLACH 2007