Vittorio Capotorto






Before moving to New York City in 1997 from his native Italy, he staged more than a hundred plays over the course of forty years. He was inspired by the celebrated Italian Maestro Eduardo De Filippo, with whom he worked as an assistant and actor. His theatrical experience, which began in the late 1950s, includes the founding and directing of theater companies in Italy, Sudan, and Argentina. His repertoire has ranged from Machiavelli to modern playwrights such as Jarry, Nicolaj, and Dario Fo; at the same time, his mission is to bring to the stage original inedited works by new playwrights, making use of the talents of young people in all aspects of production (e.g., dance, music, set and light design.) Upon arriving in NYC, he created the “Italian Theater Practicum” course which he taught at Columbia University (1998 to 2001) and Brooklyn College (2005.) In addition to the plays staged for the Practicum both in NYC and Italy, Mr. Capotorto has staged in NYC, including English versions of Pirandello’s The Jar, Eduardo De Filippo’s Long Legged Lies (Players Club), Aldo Nicolaj’s Visit To Relatives, Paolo Tartamella’s The Busboy, and Nicola Saponaro’s Weekend With A Killer. He was the founder and Artistic Director of the ongoing International Festival “Orlando Innamorato” held in Italy in 2001.