(Painter, illustrator, and designer of the Orlando Award)
Franco Mannarini was born in Mola di Bari. He studied at the Bari Art Institute (1962) and the “Brera” Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, after which he perfected his technique at the school of Mauro Reggiani. Since 1964 he has been involved in the theater, both as an actor and a director, also attending the rehearsals held by Eduardo De Filippo in the Piccinni Theater of Bari. He has illustrated the cover of the book Orlando in Love by M. M. Boiardo, adapted for young readers by Jo Ann Cavallo (Columbia University Summer Program in Italy, 2001.) He also designed the posters of America! America! (2001), Il Passeggero Curioso (2010), Amleto in salsa piccante (2010), Il viaggio segreto (2011), and La terra promessa (2012).