In the Italian tradition, theater and music have always been one inseparable thing. This mindset is very apparent in our productions that feature the live music performances and original compositions of the Smooth Groove Band. The mission of the band, directed by Ron McIntyre, is to bring to American and Italian audiences a unique musical experience that has its roots in American culture with a profound Italian influence to the audience.



has been involved in the cultural and educa­tional arena for over twenty years. Ron is a cum laude graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Production, having studied extensively in the areas of music, dance and drama; he is also a recipi­ent of the McGraw-Hill Award. Mr. McIntyre received his internship at the Actors Theatre of Louisville Kentucky under the tutelage of Mr. Jon Jory: Where he composed is first music score for children‚s theatre entitled “Story Book.” 

Mr. McIntyre has plied his trade in America, Europe and Asia. Ron has worked and mentored with New York producers and educators such as Ms. Hazel Bryant,  Ms. Rosetta Le Noire,  Mr. Jerome Eskow, Mr. Vittorio Capotorto and Mr. Eleo Pomare. As Founder and Music Director of the Smooth Groove Band, Ron has toured Italy with Teatromania Incorporated. Most recently Ron received the award for composition in the International Festival Orlando Innamorato.

During that time it was his pleasure and honor to perform with the Italian based band Glorify Soul Corporation. After many years of service in  arts education, he still finds joy and gratitude with each new artistic adventure.