At the age of 36, in 1996 the journalist Paolo Tartamella moved to New York from his hometown in Sicily, to join the writers' staff of America Oggi, the Italian daily newspaper in the USA.

In New York, Paolo started writing plays, some of which were performed by Teatromania and directed by Vittorio Capotorto.

In 2005, Paolo was accepted in the Master Playwright class of the Drama Center with his second play in English, “Gerda and the King.” His play “The irreplaceable Mister B” won the second audience prize of the 2006 Reading Competition at the YMCA Drama Center. His work “Il Mistero di Doruntina” won the Orlando Award at the 2009 International Festival “Orlando Innamorato.”

The relationship between Teatromania and Paolo dates back to 1999 with the production of “Sabbia,” inspired by the life of Niccolo' van Westerhout, a composer of the Romantic age born in Mola di Bari. For Teatromania, Paolo adapted two episodes that Prof. Jo Ann Cavallo refashioned into plays from Orlando Innamorato, the Medieval epic tale by Matteo Maria Boiardo. In 2001 was also staged “L'Albero dell'Imperatore” a historical drama based on the life of the Italian Medieval princess Matilde di Canossa. Dozens of New York's restaurants have been the stage of “The Busboy” (2002), a dinner-theater comedy. In 2009 was produced “Il Mistero di Doruntina”, the adaptation of the ethnic novel by the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare'. In 2010 “Il Passeggero Curioso” was staged in Buffalo (NY) and Bari (Italy).

In 2011, Teatromania brought to the stage “Il Viaggio Segreto” and “Il Figlio di Ivan”, and in 2012, “La Terra Promessa”.