2011 - Il Viaggio Segreto

2011 - Il Viaggio Segreto

2010 - Amleto in Salsa Piccante

2010 - Amleto in Salsa Piccante

2010 - Amleto in Salsa Piccante


2013 – DOLORE SOTTO CHIAVE by Eduardo De Filippo - TRA DI NOI by Alessandro Casola and MISERIA BELLA by Peppino De Filippo - Ugento (LE) - Italy

Orlando returns for the fifth time to Ugento "because the hospitality, willingness, and honesty offered by this town and, first of all, by Mayor Massimo Lecci, are unique." Thanks to this kind of support, it is possible to achieve effectively the worldwide dissemination of the Italian culture and the promotion of the region.

(Piazzasalento, Lecce, June 13, 2013)


Vittorio Capotorto continues in the American sets with his tireless and over-forty-year theatrical work. In June he goes on with the Festival Orlando Innamorato in Ugento, with the support of Mayor Massimo Lecci, thus fulfilling the principles of his Maestro Eduardo De Filippo: "Theater means to live authentically what others perform poorly in their lives." And this year, also putting up the play TRA DI NOI by Alessandro Casola, he promotes a young writer able to "collect" and "narrate" the artistic heritage of his own land, offering it to students/actors from all over the world (USA, England, South Africa, Iran), gathered in Salento to totally immerse themselves in the Italian art and theatrical culture.

(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, June 27, 2013)


2012 – LA TERRA PROMESSA by Paolo Tartamella - Ugento (LE) and Mola di Bari - Italy

Orlando is always in love, not only with Angelica, but also with Salento, where he returns regularly to display his Festival, conceived in 2001 by Vittorio Capotorto who, among other things, pursues through theater the promotion of a deeper knowledge of the region and a dialogue among different cultures. Thus, the students/actors from North America immerse themselves in the Italian language and compare new literary and social topics in the small town of Ugento, with the support of its sensitive Mayor Massimo Lecci.

(Piazzasalento, Lecce, June 28, 2012)


They return every year motivated by the fresh energy of youth interested in doing theater, this time guided by the eternal enthusiasm of the director-leader Vittorio Capotorto in search of the promised land (LA TERRA PROMESSA,) a new Southern maritime State where women of superior intelligence arrive anxious to settle in this new land. They will have to live side by side with authentic Southern men and this will bring surprises and original dramatic turns of events.

(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, July 11, 2012)


2011 – IL VIAGGIO SEGRETO by Paolo Tartamella.

“And Mola is off again on a secret trip: A story of fantasy of smiling lightness, this secret trip (script by Paolo Tartamella, directed by Vittorio Capotorto) has reopened the glorious Teatro Comunale Van Westerhout [...] The show, organized by Teatromania, opens the brief University/Student Theater Festival ‘Orlando Innamorato’ that takes place between the cities of Ugento and Mola (Apulia, Italy). [...] Tartamella's comedy was directed with affectionate boldness by Vittorio Capotorto, a native of Mola and an expert man of the theater ‘loaned ’ to America (he lives in New York) but who remembers very well the previous reopening of the Van Westerhout, in 1973, under the direction of the exceptional patron Eduardo De Filippo with L'arte della commedia (The art of Comedy): a mise-en-scčne that put to the test (along with Capotorto) other young men of the theater from Mola who, later on, took their own trip through theater. Warm and loving cheers to the initiative and the more than eager actors; North American students working side by side with Italian students, with a nice integration of different accents: Max Sklar (Verdi), Mark Ignaczak (Ricordi), Modesto Aquilino (Van Westerhout), Alessandra Legretto (Gelsomina), Anthony Gasparini (elementary school teacher), Audra Pagano (singer), Gianvito Ciaccia (boy).
(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, July 10, 2011)


2010 – WEEKEND WITH A KILLER by Nicola Saponaro.

“The pleasant comedy by the prolific Italian writer Nicola Saponaro, effectively translated by Maureen González, made us share with brilliance the biting and burlesque vision of the author's metropolitan obsessions... The protagonists Lucio Polosa (Mike, the killer) and Deirdre Brennan (Lisa, the woman who wishes to die,) as well as Louise Rheas (Gina, Lisa's extravagant friend,) were really good. Vittorio Capotorto has directed the play doing his best to portray the story's dynamism, providing a special victory for Saponaro, who for the first time finds himself at the forefront of the Big Apple, something unusual for an Italian author. But “Weekend With a Killer” has all the credentials to make itself known and to maintain, with a long programming, a presence in the vast theatre world of New York.

(AmericaOggi, April 19, 2010)


2010 – IL PASSEGGERO CURIOSO (The Curious Passenger) by Paolo Tartamella – Buffalo–NY and Bari–Italy.

“An imaginary train that travels in a fantastic journey through time and space, carrying stories and characters that clearly emphasize the Apulian identity, made of courage, sharing and respect for human rights, among other things. A project carried out by Teatromania, New York, at the initiative of Waldemaro Morgese, head of the Apulia Region's Teca del Mediterraneo, powerfully directed at every stage by the indomitable Vittorio Capotorto, flanked by the young set designers Vincenzo Mascoli and Angela Varvara, with the skilful interpretation of Italian and American students/actors (Shelby Baldwin, Douglas Beltran, Alina Ionero Vaccaro, Alessio Magno, Hannah Elwyn, Pierluigi Chiappinelli, Valentina De Tullio, Andrea Guiati, Graziana Santoro, Giorgio Buonsante, Stefano Iaffaldano, Claudia Stella,) and the collaboration of Maureen González and Maria Abenante.

(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, June 29, 2010)


2010 – AMLETO IN SALSA PICCANTE by Aldo Nicolaj – Ugento (LE) and Mola di Bari–Italy.

“Hamlet in Spicy Sauce” brilliantly tells us about the eternal story of the Prince of Denmark, but places it among the pots and dishes from the kitchen of the Elsinore Castle, where all the characters of the Shakespearean play are superbly interpreted by students/actors from various universities in the USA and Canada. Luke Karn, Hannah Elwyn, Sachi Lovatt, Marco Manuel, Jennie Mintz, Lorenzo Pagnotta, Douglas Beltran, Mattew Davis, Xhesika Shanja, and Marta Dean successfully interpret the goliardic dimension of the work, well led by the glorious Apulian theater director Vittorio Capotorto, with the collaboration of Maureen González, with the beautiful scenes of Bruno Garofalo, and with the effective music of Ron McIntyre, accompanied by the pianist Fabrizio Orlando.

(La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Bari, July 05, 2010)