Amleto in Salsa Piccante

Il berretto a sonagli


The constantly explosive creativity of Teatromania needs a permanent home, the Italian Cultural & Theatrical Center in Manhattan, where the following activities will take place:
-Performance of various genres and styles, both in-house and in other institutions near and far (schools, performance halls, both locally and internationally.)
-Coordination of cultural exchanges with other organizations with similar goals, including international organizations (such as, but not limited to, study abroad programs for individuals providing the opportunity for aspiring artists and performers to come to NY to learn from Teatromania and vice versa.)
-Establishment of a host site in the Tri-state area for the International Festival “Orlando Innamorato.”
-Provision of educational initiatives (for schools and youth associations) promoting audience participatory shows and performances with cultural educational goals and themes (with the students/youth participating as performers and translators.)
-Completion of a permanent theater company which will perform in New York City and other locations Italian plays in both Italian and English language (drama, musical, operetta, etc.)
-Publishing of books of new Italian plays in both Italian and English language.
-Formation of a theater network in Italian in the Tri-state area, and a national stage circuit toward the same goals.
-Creation of an acting school in Italian and English.
The Italian Cultural & Theatrical Center features a stage, a library, a really Italian bar-cafeteria…be prepared to embrace a new family of artists in the Italian style.