1999 - Amleto in Salsa Piccante

2000 Il berretto a sonagli


Hamlet in Spicy Sauce by Aldo Nicolaj, to be directed by Vittorio Capotorto.


La maledizione di Mozart (Mozart’s Curse)

a comic opera written by Paolo Tartamella
A Police investigator is questioning the Director of an Italian opera theater about the last hours of Mozart’s life. He believes that two hundred years earlier, Mozart might have been poisoned by Nicolo’ Piccinni, a composer from Naples.
The investigator claims that, according to a soprano’s journal, on December 3rd 1791, Piccinni knocked on Mozart’s door in Vienna to pay his last homage to the dying master. He found out that Mozart was partying with a soprano and two friends.
Obsessed by completing his Requiem, Mozart threatens Piccinni of cursing him if not helped with his score. Piccinni was also forced to cook and because of his poor knowledge of German, he used lead instead of salt, thus killing his famous colleague.
The curse will force Piccinni to be born again and again, marrying the same wife and having seven children.
Only then, the Director of the opera theater confesses he is the reincarnation of Piccinni.


The Queen of the Americas/La regina dell’America

by Paolo Tartamella
In a surreal comedy, the Italian salesman Cristoforo Colombo meets the Queen and the Princes of the Americas. Colombo is late (he attended a game at Madison Square Garden) and challenged by the Queen, who is expecting some traditional American food such as turkey, corn and pies.
The taste of the Italian delicacies convinces the new American customers. The Queen and Princes did not have enough precious stones to purchase Colombo’s merchandise. Swiftly, an agreement is found thanks to the mutual romantic interest between the Italian merchant and the daughter of the Queen’s manager.

Angelica’s Hair Dryer/L’asciugacapelli di Angelica

by Paolo Tartamella
A rich and powerful Wall Street executive woman is divorcing her husband, who has confessed his gay inclination. He helps her to find a new husband through the New York Times personals.
Three men are selected out of hundreds of competitors: a Wall Street lawyer, an Italian Latin lover and a Dutch engineer. The winner is chosen (as in the quiz TV shows from the 70’s) because of an unusual habit of his, which matches Angelica’s main passion.